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Wooden cottage F14



fahaz_tapiosztmarton_4Casa din lemn F14

fahaz_tapiosztmartonCasa din lemn F14


fahazak-alaprajz-f14Wooden cottage F14

fahaz_tapiosztmarton_3Casa din lemn F14


tapiosztmarton_belseje2Wooden cottage F14

fahaz_tapiosztmarton_7Wooden cottage F14


tapiosztmarton_belseje3Wooden cottage F14

fahazak-gyor10Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor1Wooden cottage F14, type B

Relax in our holiday homes and weekend houses and let you family enjoy the atmosphere of natural pine.

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Wooden cottage F14

Provided, that your room is high enough, we offer you a solution to build a galleria, that would give you extra living area, with just a moderate alteration, if required.

This extra area can be used as a bedroom, a 'working from home' office or storage space.

The addtion to your flat, house or weekend house can be looked as a design feature, that gives a different caracter to your place.

In the 'up to date' version, we could make the floor from glass, instead of timber, and add a large window to the raised wall for light up the area, which would be beneficial in many ways.

To get to the gallery, we manufucture a suitable, natural look timber stairs to specifications.


Other photos about Wooden cottage F14

fahaz_tapioszentmartonWooden cottage F14

fahaz_tapioszentmarton1Wooden cottage F14

fahaz_f14_belso3Wooden cottage F14


fahaz_tapioszentmarton4Wooden cottage F14

fahaz_f14_belsoWooden cottage F14

fahaz_f14_belso2Wooden cottage F14

fahaz_tapioszentmarton2Wooden cottage F14

fahaz_tpsztWooden cottage F14


Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor1Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor2Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor3Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor4Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor5Wooden cottage F14, type B


fahazak-gyor7Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor8Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor10Wooden cottage F14, type B



fahazak-erdely-1Wooden cottages F14.B

fahazak-gyor9Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor11Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor12Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor13Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor14Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-gyor15Wooden cottage F14, type B

fahazak-erdely-2Wooden cottage F14.B

fahazak-erdely-3Wooden cottage F14.B

fahazak-erdely-4Wooden cottage F14.B

fahazak-erdely-5Wooden cottage F14.B

fahazak-erdely-6Wooden cottage F14.B

fahazak-erdely-7Wooden cottages F14.B

fahazak-erdely-8Wooden cottages F14.B

fahazak-erdely-9Wooden cottages F14.B

fahazak-erdely-10Wooden cottages F14.B

fahazak-f14-alaprajz-1Wooden cottage F14, type B fahazak-f14-alaprajz2Wooden cottage F14, type B
fahazak-latvanyterv-f14b.2Wooden cottage F14, type B fahazak-latvanyterv-f14bWooden cottage F14, type B